Workshops & Meetings

Workshop on the conservation of land-locked seal species – Astrakhan, Russia, 31st October 2016

As part of the 8th International Conference on Marine Mammals of the Holarctic, we are co-organising a round table workshop on setting conservation priorities landlocked seal species. The workshop will take a comparative approach to assess which ecological and environmental factors influence sensitivity to different conservation threats, and how this can inform development of appropriate conservation measures. More details here.

Next Generation Sequencing Researcher Links Workshop – Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 18th-24th 2016

Together with Kazakh colleagues at the Institute of Microbiology & Virology, Almaty, we have been awarded a British Council Researcher Links  grant to hold a workshop promoting development of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) research in Kazakhstan. The grant will support travel for 13 early career UK researchers to travel to Almaty to share their experience of establishing NGS applications with Kazakh scientists. The topics will span the breadth of NGS applications, from medical diagnostic tools in the NHS, through uses in ecology & evolutionary biology, agriculture and environmental biology. More details here.