PhD and post-doctoral fellowship hosting opportunities for 2018 entry

We anticipate offering PhD and post-doctoral fellowship hosting opportunities in the following areas for 2018. Further details and information on how to apply will be posted by mid-October. In the meantime please contact me by email if you would like to discuss these projects.

  • Evolutionary genomics of adaptation and speciation in Galapagos land and marine iguanas
  • Modelling population viability and demographic trends of endangered Caspian seals in relation to future climate change and sea level variation scenarios
  • Development of novel biosensor technology for environmental surveillance, detection and diagnosis of emerging infectious diseases

Students with scholarships

We are happy to hear from students with interests in evolution, population genetics and genomics, conservation biology, disease ecology, marine mammal ecology or related subjects, year round. You may have secured a personal scholarship already, or may be interested in developing a proposal and are seeking an academic sponsor. Please email me via the Contacts page