EPSRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship

EPSRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship in development of novel biosensor technology for environmental surveillance, detection and diagnosis of emerging infectious diseases

University of Leeds PIs: Dr Simon Goodman (School of Biology), Prof Paul Millner (School of Biomedical Sciences)

Collaborators: Prof Andrew Cunningham (Zoological Society of London); Dr Chris Thornton & Dr Michael Dillon, (University of Exeter)


Emerging infectious diseases have a global impact on human health, wellbeing, economic activity and agriculture. In some cases they also represent major threats to biodiversity conservation. Developing effective strategies to predict and mitigate emerging infectious disease impacts requires capabilities for high throughput rapid detection and surveillance of pathogens in environmental samples. Such capacity is required to better understand pathogen epidemiology, and provide rapid responses to incipient disease outbreaks.

At present disease surveillance technology is often expensive, requires specialist facilities, and may need long turnaround times. So there is a pressing need to develop cheap, rapid pathogen detection technologies, which can be widely deployed and used by non-specialists to build up ubiquitous disease surveillance networks.

We seek candidates for an EPSRC Post-Doctoral Fellowship based in the Faculty of Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds to work with Dr Simon Goodman, Professor Paul Miller and collaborators on the development of novel biosensor technology for real time detection of water borne pathogens. The role will involve demonstrating proof of concept of the ability of antibody/affimer nano-particle conjugates to bind pathogen antigens, and then to incorporate such detection systems into a working biosensor design.

For more information please contact Dr Simon Goodman (s.j.goodman@leeds.ac.uk), before applying.

Key eligibility requirements

Candidates must have been in receipt of EPSRC funding supporting their PhD research in one of the following areas: Information and Communications Technology, Materials, Mechanical and Medical Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Process, Environment and Sustainability, or Physical Sciences; and will have completed your viva, with a Pass or minor corrections, between 1 October 2016 and 30 September 2017.

More information about the Fellowship scheme and how to apply can be found here.

Deadline 7th April 2017